[assessment of nanophyetus salmincola schikhobalowl (skrjiabin et podjiapolskaja, 1931) infestation of salmonlike fishes in the rivers of the khabarovsk territory].parasitological investigations of 529 specimens of 7 fish species from the water basins of the khabarovsk territory in 2009-2013 revealed the high extensity (11.7 to 100%) and intensity (as many as 9341 larvae per fish) of invasion with n. s. schikhobalowi metacercaria in salmonlike fishes from the mountain tributaries (khor, anyui, and manoma) of the amur river. the examined specimens of four salmonlike fish species (thymallus tugarinae, hucho taimen, brachymystax tumensis and b. lenok) showed ...201425286547
[epizootological characterization of trematodiasis foci in the ecosystem of the amur river in the khabarovsk territory].investigations were conducted in late june to early june 2013. the population density of mollusks of the genus juga in the shoreline and littoral covered by meadow waters was 10 to 30 specimens/m2; there were solitary specimens of the genus parafossarulus. fourteen out of 39 fish species were invaded by metacercariae of clonorchis. manchurian spiny loaches (leptobotia) and light's bitterling (rhodeus lighti) are first registered to be hosts of clonorchis. the metacercariae of metagonimus yokogaw ...201526152032
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