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[infection of blood-sucking mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) with dirofilariae (spirurida, onchocercidae) in the tula region].blood-sucking mosquitoes (n = 2277) collected in tula and its region in 2013-2014 were examined using a pcr assay for dirofilariae. a total of 12 species from 4 genera (culiseta, aedes, ochlerotatus [foreign character] culex) out of 18 found mosquito species were infected with dirofilaria immitis and d. repens. the proportion of the infected mosquitoes was 2.5% (d. immitis, 1.5%; d.repens, 1%). according to preliminary data, the most efficient dirofilaria vectors, in the tula region may be ae. v ...201627405207
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