[the laboratory diagnosis of an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever at oblivskaya village, rostov province: proof of the etiological role of the crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever virus].the results of the molecular biological detection of the etiologic agent of hemorrhagic fever in rostov province are presented. the role of the causative agents of astrakhan rickettsial fever, hemorrhagic fever with the renal syndrome, q fever, leptospirosis and listeriosis has been excluded by means of such immunochemical reactions as the direct and indirect immunofluorescent tests, the solid-phase immunoenzyme assay, the complement fixation test and the agglutination test. the relationship bet ...200010808570
[results of examination of healthy residents in the southern region of russia and patients feverish to pappataci fever virus antibodies].sera from patients with acute seasonal fevers and apparently healthy individuals living in the astrakhan region, krasnodar territory, or rostov region were examined in two modifications of enzyme immunoassay for detection of igm and igg antibodies to neapolitan and sicilian pappataci fever viruses. igm antibodies to sicilian pappataci fever virus were detected in a patient from the volodarsky district, astrakhan region, who had been admitted for the unverified diagnosis of q fever. a donor resid ...200920120368
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