consumption of untested pork contributed to over two-thousand clinical cases of human trichinellosis in romania.trichinellosis is an important zoonosis that is difficult to diagnose and that can lead to disability, death and economic losses for the meat processing industry. the outbreaks are related to the consumption of insufficiently cooked pork containing larvae of trichinella spiralis (owen, 1833). here, we describe epidemiological features of the disease in a region where incidence rates are typically elevated (brasov county, romania). our descriptive, retrospective epidemiological study spanned a pe ...201425651698
identifying risk factors for symptoms of severe trichinellosis--a case study of 143 infected persons in brasov, romania 2001-2008.the presence of the parasite trichinella spiralis in humans does not always manifest itself with obvious clinical symptoms; the clinical manifestations of trichinellosis are polymorphic and can cause diagnostic difficulties. our aim was to identify risk factors that can be linked to the severity of the disease. we conducted a retrospective analysis of 143 cases of trichinellosis admitted to the infectious disease hospital in bra┼čov, romania during 2001-2008. we found that children 10 and younger ...201323433989
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