[effect of free-roaming dogs culling on the control of canine rabies].in the peruvian city of arequipa, rabid dogs have been detected since march 2015, signaling the reintroduction of the rabies virus (rv) in this previously officially-declared rabies free zone. high dog density is considered one of the causes for the continuous transmission of the rv in the outbreak in the city of arequipa, which seemingly lends support to the culling of dogs as a public health measure. however, the effectiveness of culling free-roaming dogs to control urban rabies has not been e ...201728327849
barriers to dog rabies vaccination during an urban rabies outbreak: qualitative findings from arequipa, peru.canine rabies was reintroduced to the city of arequipa, peru in march 2015. the ministry of health has conducted a series of mass dog vaccination campaigns to contain the outbreak, but canine rabies virus transmission continues in arequipa's complex urban environment, putting the city's 1 million inhabitants at risk of infection. the proximate driver of canine rabies in arequipa is low dog vaccination coverage. our objectives were to qualitatively assess barriers to and facilitators of rabies va ...201728306717
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