burden of fasciola hepatica infection among children from paucartambo in cusco, peru.there is a high prevalence of fascioliasis in the peruvian highlands, but most cases remain undiagnosed. the burden of disease caused by chronic subclinical infection is largely unknown. we studied school-age children from a district in paucartambo province in cusco, peru to evaluate the burden of disease caused by subclinical fascioliasis. parasite eggs and/or larvae were identified in 46.2% of subjects, including fasciola hepatica in 10.3% of subjects. fascioliasis was independently associated ...201222403322
hymenolepis nana impact among children in the highlands of cusco, peru: an emerging neglected parasite infection.hymenolepis nana is the most common cestode infection in the world. however, limited information is available regarding its impact on affected populations. we studied the epidemiology and symptoms associated with hymenolepiasis among children 3-16 years old in 16 rural communities of the highlands of the cusco region in peru. information on demographics, socioeconomic status, symptoms as reported by parents, and parasitological testing was obtained from the database of an ongoing fasciola hepati ...201627672206
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