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a molecular biologic study of enterocytozoon bieneusi in hiv-infected patients in lima, peru.a cross-sectional study was conducted to examine the genotype distribution of enterocytozoon bieneusi in hiv-infected patients who visited two government hospitals in lima, peru from january 2000 through march 2003. microsporidia were detected by microscopy in 105 (3.9%) of 2,672 patients. a total of 212 stool samples from 89 microsporidia-positive patients were genotyped by sequence analysis of the internal transcribed spacer (its) region of the rrna gene. a 392-bp fragment containing the compl ...200314736175
the epidemiology of intestinal microsporidiosis in patients with hiv/aids in lima, peru.we studied microsporidiosis in human immunodeficiency virus-positive patients in 2 lima hospitals. of 2652 patients, 66% were male, 6% received antiretroviral therapy (art), and the median cd4 lymphocyte count was 131 cells/microl. sixty-seven patients (3%) had microsporidiosis; stool specimens from 56 were identified as having enterocytozoon bieneusi of 10 different genotypes. the 2 most common genotypes, peru-1 and peru-2, were not associated with significant increases in chronic diarrhea; oth ...200515838792
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