species distribution and antifungal susceptibility profile of candida isolates from bloodstream infections in lima, peru.yeast identification and in vitro susceptibility testing provide helpful information for appropriate administration of antifungal treatments; however, few reports from the latin american region have been published. the aim of this study was to identify the species present in isolates from bloodstream infections diagnosed in nine hospitals in lima, peru and to determine their in vitro susceptibility to four antifungal drugs. we tested and identified 153 isolates collected between october 2009 and ...201424667770
a multi-centric study of candida bloodstream infection in lima-callao, peru: species distribution, antifungal resistance and clinical outcomes.the incidence of candidemia is increasing in developing countries. very little is known about the epidemiology of candidemia in peru. the aim of this study is to describe the incidence, microbiology, clinical presentation and outcomes of candida bloodstream infections in three lima-callao hospitals.201728419092
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