relationship of aquatic environmental factors with the abundance of vibrio cholerae, vibrio parahaemolyticus, vibrio mimicus and vibrio vulnificus in the coastal area of guaymas, sonora, mexico.members of the genus vibrio are common in aquatic environments. among them are v. cholerae, v. vulnificus, v. parahaemolyticus and v. mimicus. several studies have shown that environmental factors, such as temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen, are involved in their epidemiology. therefore, the main objective of this study is to determine if there is a correlation between the presence/amount of v. cholerae, v, vulnificus, v. parahaemolyticus and v. mimicus and the environmental conditions ...201324334844
molecular and genomic characterization of vibrio mimicus isolated from a frozen shrimp processing facility in mexico.vibrio mimicus is a gram-negative bacterium responsible for diseases in humans. three strains of v. mimicus identified as v. mimicus 87, v. mimicus 92 and v. mimicus 93 were isolated from a shrimp processing facility in guaymas, sonora, mexico. the strains were analyzed using several molecular techniques and according to the cluster analysis they were different, their similarities ranged between 51.3% and 71.6%. eric-pcr and rapd (vmh390r) were the most discriminatory molecular techniques for th ...201626730584
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