multidrug-resistant bacteria isolated from surface water in bassaseachic falls national park, mexico.bacterial pathogens are a leading cause of waterborne disease, and may result in gastrointestinal outbreaks worldwide. inhabitants of the bassaseachic falls national park in chihuahua, mexico show seasonal gastroenteritis problems. this aim of this study was to detect enteropathogenic microorganisms responsible for diarrheal outbreaks in this area. in 2013, 49 surface water samples from 13 selected sampling sites along the basaseachi waterfall and its main rivers, were collected during the sprin ...201627322297
[antibibiotic resistance by nosocomial infections' causal agents].the antibibiotic resistance by nosocomial infections (ni) causal agents constitutes a seriously global problematic that involves the mexican institute of social security's regional general hospital 1 in chihuahua, mexico; although with special features that required to be specified and evaluated, in order to concrete an effective therapy.201627197104
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