determining the prevalence of intestinal parasites in three orang asli (aborigines) communities in perak, malaysia.this study was conducted to determine the prevalence of intestinal parasites among children and adult orang aslis (aborigines) from different locations in perak. faecal samples were collected and analyzed using the direct smear and formal ether sedimentation technique. some of the faecal samples were stained using the modified acid fast stain for cryptosporidium. nail clippings of the respondents and the soil around their habitat were also analyzed. of the 77 stool samples examined, 39 (50.6%) w ...201222735840
prevalence and risk factors associated with entamoeba histolytica/dispar/moshkovskii infection among three orang asli ethnic groups in malaysia.entamoeba histolytica/entamoeba dispar/entamoeba moshkovskii infection is still prevalent in rural malaysia especially among orang asli communities. currently, information on prevalence of this infection among different ethnic groups of orang asli is unavailable in malaysia. to contribute to a better comprehension of the epidemiology of this infection, a cross-sectional study aimed at providing the first documented data on the prevalence and risk factors associated with e. histolytica/e. dispar/ ...201223133561
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