social vulnerability and ebola virus disease in rural liberia.the ebola virus disease (evd) epidemic that has stricken thousands of people in the three west african countries of liberia, sierra leone, and guinea highlights the lack of adaptive capacity in post-conflict countries. the scarcity of health services in particular renders these populations vulnerable to multiple interacting stressors including food insecurity, climate change, and the cascading effects of disease epidemics such as evd. however, the spatial distribution of vulnerable rural populat ...201526325519
establishment of a community care center for isolation and management of ebola patients - bomi county, liberia, october of october 29, 2014, a total of 6,454 ebola virus disease (ebola) cases had been reported in liberia by the liberian ministry of health and social welfare, with 2,609 deaths. although the national strategy for combating the ongoing ebola epidemic calls for construction of ebola treatment units (etus) in all 15 counties of liberia, only a limited number are operational, and most of these are within montserrado county. etus are intended to improve medical care delivery to persons whose illnesse ...201425375073
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