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water quality monitoring and risk assessment by simultaneous multipathogen quantification.water quality monitoring and microbial risk assessment are important to ensure safe water for drinking, recreational, and agricultural purposes. in this study, we applied a microfluidic quantitative pcr (mfqpcr) approach to simultaneously quantify multiple waterborne pathogens in a natural freshwater lake in hokkaido, japan, from april to november, 2012. tens of thousands of geese stopped over at this lake during their migration in spring and fall. because lake water is used for irrigation of th ...201424702133
virulence characterization of campylobacter jejuni isolated from resident wild birds in tokachi area, japan.the prevalence of campylobacter jejuni in wild birds is a potential hazard for human and animal health. the aim of this study was to establish the prevalence of c. jejuni in wild birds in tokachi area, hokkaido, japan and investigate their virulence in vitro. in total, 173 cloacal swabs from individual wild birds were collected for the detection of campylobacter spp. thirty four samples (19.7%) were positive for campylobacter of which 94.1% (32/34 samples) were c. jejuni. additionally, one c. co ...201525843040
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