helicobacter pylori in vegetables and salads: genotyping and antimicrobial resistance properties.from a clinical and epidemiological perspective, it is important to know which genotypes and antibiotic resistance patterns are present in h. pylori strains isolated from salads and vegetables. therefore, the present investigation was carried out to find this purpose. three hundred eighty washed and unwashed vegetable samples and fifty commercial and traditional salad samples were collected from isfahan, iran. samples were cultured and those found positive for h. pylori were analyzed using pcr. ...201425184146
detection of helicobacter pylori in city water, dental units' water, and bottled mineral water in isfahan, iran.helicobacter pylori infection in human is one of the most common infections worldwide. however, the origin and transmission of this bacterium has not been clearly explained. one of the suggested theories is transmission via water. this study was conducted to determine the prevalence rate of h. pylori in tap water, dental units' water, and bottled mineral water in iran. in the present study, totally 200 water samples were collected in isfahan province and tested for h. pylori by cultural method a ...201323606812
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