study of onychomycosis in isfahan, iran.a mycological study was undertaken in 488 patients suspected of onychomycosis in isfahan, a large province of iran, to gain more insight into the prevalence and aetiology of this infection. direct microscopy of the nail clips was positive in 194 (39.8%) and fingernail onychomycosis was recognised in 141 (72.7%) and toenail onychomycosis in 53 (27.3%) cases. as agents of onychomycosis, yeast were detected in 112 (57.7%), dermatophytes in 27 (13.9%) and non-dermatophyte fungi in 55 (28.4%) patient ...201019298358
isolation of opportunistic fungi from bronchoalveolar lavage of compromised hosts in isfahan, this study, bronchoalveolar lavage (bal) specimens from 247 immunocompromised patients were investigated for the incidence of opportunistic fungi. in the direct examination and culture of the specimens, 5 (2.02%) of filamentous fungi and 55 (22.26%) yeasts were isolated and identified as follows: aspergillus fumigatus (2), a. terreus (1), a. nidulans (1), mucor sp. (1), candida albicans (29), c. glabrata (3), c. parapsilosis (1), trichosporon beigelii (1), candida sp. (13) and unknown yeasts ...19968751826
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