phylogeography of the current rabies viruses in indonesia.rabies is a major fatal zoonotic disease in indonesia. this study was conducted to determine the recent dynamics of rabies virus (rabv) in various areas and animal species throughout indonesia. a total of 27 brain samples collected from rabid animals of various species in bali, sumatra, kalimantan, sulawesi, java, and flores in 2008 to 2010 were investigated. the cdna of the nucleoprotein gene from each sample was generated and amplified by one-step reverse transcription-pcr, after which the pro ...201525643792
phylogenetic analysis and victim contact tracing of rabies virus from humans and dogs in bali, indonesia.the emergence of human and animal rabies in bali since november 2008 has attracted local, national and international interest. the potential origin and time of introduction of rabies virus to bali is described. the nucleoprotein (n) gene of rabies virus from dog brain and human clinical specimens was sequenced using an automated dna sequencer. phylogenetic inference with bayesian markov chain monte carlo (mcmc) analysis using the bayesian evolutionary analysis by sampling trees (beast) v. 1.7.5 ...201423958065
epidemiological and clinical features of human rabies cases in bali 2008-2010.previously thought to be rabies free, bali experienced an outbreak of animal and human rabies cases in november 2008. we describe the epidemiological and clinical data of human rabies cases occurring in the first two years of the outbreak.201222471410
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