human brucellosis among pyrexia of unknown origin cases and occupationally exposed individuals in goa region, india.brucellosis is a widespread zoonotic infection. this disease is endemic in many parts of asia, including india. brucellosis is a major cause of pyrexia of unknown origin (puo). persons exposed to infected animals or contaminated animal products are at high risk. seropositivity among animal handlers, veterinarians and dairy workers has been documented in india. thus, the present study was aimed to determine prevalence of brucellosis among puo cases and occupationally exposed individuals.201424762925
apparent seroprevalence, isolation and identification of risk factors for brucellosis among dairy cattle in goa, india.brucellosis is a highly contagious zoonotic infection affecting livestock and human beings. the disease has been reported worldwide except in few countries where it has been eradicated. the prevalence of brucellosis among cattle from 11 farms having a history of abortions was studied. a total of 481 samples comprising of blood, milk, vaginal swabs, vaginal discharges, placental tissues and fetal tissues were collected from 296 animals. clinical samples were processed for the isolation of brucell ...201627477501
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