epidemiology of epidemic ebola virus disease in conakry and surrounding prefectures, guinea, 2014, ebola virus disease (evd) in west africa was first reported during march in 3 southeastern prefectures in guinea; from there, the disease rapidly spread across west africa. we describe the epidemiology of evd cases reported in guinea's capital, conakry, and 4 surrounding prefectures (coyah, dubreka, forecariah, and kindia), encompassing a full year of the epidemic. a total of 1,355 evd cases, representing ≈40% of cases reported in guinea, originated from these areas. overall, forecariah ...201626812047
contact tracing activities during the ebola virus disease epidemic in kindia and faranah, guinea, 2014.the largest recorded ebola virus disease epidemic began in march 2014; as of july 2015, it continued in 3 principally affected countries: guinea, liberia, and sierra leone. control efforts include contact tracing to expedite identification of the virus in suspect case-patients. we examined contact tracing activities during september 20-december 31, 2014, in 2 prefectures of guinea using national and local data about case-patients and their contacts. results show less than one third of case-patie ...201526488116
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