changing patterns of rotavirus genotypes in ghana: emergence of human rotavirus g9 as a major cause of diarrhea in children.genotyping of human rotaviruses was performed on 312 rotavirus-positive samples collected from 2,205 young children with diarrhea in the upper east district of ghana, a rural community. of the 271 (86.9%) rotavirus strains that could be vp7 (g) or vp4 (p) characterized, 73 (26.9%) were of g9 specificity. the predominant g9 genotype was g9p[8], which constituted 79.5% of all g9 strains detected, followed by g9p[6] (12.3%), g9p[10] (2.7%), and g9p[4] (1.3%). g9 strains with mixed p types constitut ...200312791843
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