clostridium botulinum type d/c intoxication in a dairy cow stock in saxony-anhalt (germany)--report on an innovative diagnostic approach.botulism in cattle is a rare but serious disease. in germany there is no obligation to report botulism in animals and therefore a precise morbidity rate is not available. in this manuscript we describe an outbreak of clostridium (c.) botulinum neurotoxin (bont) intoxication in a saxony-anhalt dairy cow stock of 286 holstein-friesian cows and offspring in spring/summer 2009 and its diagnostic approach. 122 animals showed clinical signs of bont intoxication. 115 of the affected animals (40.2% of t ...201627169148
chronic botulism in a saxony dairy farm: sources, predisposing factors, development of the disease and treatment possibilities.the aim of this study is to investigate clostridium botulinum at a saxony dairy farm with 159 cows and 18 heifers. the animals exhibited clinical symptoms of chronic botulism. to determine the source of the infection, feces, blood, organs, and gastrointestinal fluids of dead or euthanized cows; as well as soil, water, silage and manure were tested for c. botulinum spores and bonts using elisa. bont/c and c. botulinum type c were detected in 53% and 3% of tested animals, respectively, while bont/ ...201424997242
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