occurrence of salmonellae in retail raw chicken products in ethiopia.a cross-sectional study was undertaken to determine the presence and prevalence of salmonellae in retail raw chicken meat and giblets (gizzard and liver) in supermarkets in addis ababa (ethiopia). a total of 301 samples (244 chicken meat, 32 gizzards and 25 livers) were collected from 22 randomly selected supermarkets and examined for the presence of salmonella. for the isolation and identification of salmonellae, the technique recommended by the international organization for standardization (i ...200312592931
antimicrobial resistance pattern of salmonella serotypes isolated from food items and personnel in addis ababa, ethiopia.antimicrobial susceptibility test of 98 isolates of salmonella was assayed from september 2003 to february 2004 using the guidelines of the national committee for clinical laboratory standards (nccls).the result revealed that 32.7% of salmonella isolates were resistant to one or more of the 24 antimicrobials tested. generally resistance for 13 different antimicrobial drugs was recognized. the most common resistance was to streptomycin (24/32, 75%), ampicillin (19/32, 59.4%), tetracycline (15/32, ...200918516698
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