update: outbreak of ebola viral hemorrhagic fever--zaire, of june 25, public health authorities have identified 296 persons with viral hemorrhagic fever (vhf) attributable to documented or suspected ebola virus infection in an outbreak in the city of kikwit and the surrounding bandundu region of zaire (1,2); 79% of the cases have been fatal, and 90 (32%) of 283 cases in persons for whom occupation was known occurred in health-care workers. this report summarizes characteristics of persons with vhf from an initial description of cases and preliminary ...19957783730
in the heart of darkness: sleeping sickness in zaire.human african trypanosomiasis (hat) control programs existed during the colonial era in the belgian congo. hat cases peaked in 1930 at 33,562. they declined gradually to about 1000 cases in 1959. the civil war that erupted after zaire's independence in 1960 crippled the public health system. during 1960-1967, no active case finding was conducted and notification of hat cases fell greatly. mismanagement and corruption maintained a severe social and economic crisis after the civil war. at th ...19968937285
long-term disease surveillance in bandundu region, democratic republic of the congo: a model for early detection and prevention of ebola hemorrhagic fever.after the large-scale outbreak of ebola hemorrhagic fever (ehf) in bandundu region, democratic republic of the congo, a program was developed to help detect and prevent future outbreaks of ehf in the region. the long-term surveillance and prevention strategy is based on early recognition by physicians, immediate initiation of enhanced barrier-nursing practices, and the use of an immunohistochemical diagnostic test performed on formalin-fixed skin specimens of patients who die of suspected viral ...19999988195
konzo and ebola in bandundu region of zaire. 19979057741
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