mutagenicity of airborne particulate matter pm10.mutagenic activity of extractable organic matter (eom), from airborne particles collected over winters in four towns of czech republic, was investigated by the means of salmonella typhimurium indicator strains ta98 and yg1041 using the ames plate incorporation assay. mutagenicity of all tested samples showed significant dose-related increase in number of revertants per mg of eom. the direct mutagenic potency detected with ta98 increased further in the presence of external metabolic activation. t ...200415141986
biological activities of organic compounds adsorbed onto ambient air particles: comparison between the cities of teplice and prague during the summer and winter seasons 2000-2001.the capital of the czech republic, prague, appears today to be one of the most polluted residential areas in the country, whereas air pollution in the northern bohemia region (the former "black triangle region") has substantially decreased during the last decade, especially with respect to the gaseous pollutant so(2). this study evaluated the biological activities of complex mixtures of organic compounds adsorbed onto ambient air particles (pm10) collected during the summer and winter seasons of ...200312650904
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