distribution of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne arboviruses in yunnan province near the china-myanmar-laos border.abstract. economic development and increased tourism in the southern region of yunnan province in china, adjacent to several countries in southeast asia, has increased the likelihood of import and export of vectors and vector-borne diseases. we report the results of surveillance of mosquitoes and mosquito-borne arboviruses along the border of china-myanmar-laos in 2005 and 2006, and information associating several arboviruses with infections and possibly disease in local human populations. seven ...201121540383
yunnan orbivirus, a new orbivirus species isolated from culex tritaeniorhynchus mosquitoes in orbivirus designated yunnan orbivirus (yuov) was isolated from culex tritaeniorhynchus mosquitoes collected in the yunnan province of china. electron microscopy showed particles with typical orbivirus morphology. the yuov genome was sequenced completely and compared with previously characterized orbivirus genomes. significant identity scores were detected between proteins encoded by the segments (seg-1 to seg-10) of yuov and those encoded by their homologues in insect-borne and tick-borne orb ...200516298988
molecular characterization of a distinct begomovirus species and its associated satellite dna isolated from malvastrum coromandelianum in china.a virus isolate y160 was obtained from malvastrum coromandelianum showing yellow vein symptoms in baoshan, yunnan province of china. the complete nucleotide sequence of dna-a was determined, it contains 2747 nucleotides and has typical genomic organization of a begomovirus. comparisons show that the total dna-a of y160 has the highest sequence identity (82.2%) with that of malvastrum yellow vein virus-[y47] (aj457824), while less than 77.6% identities are found when compared with the other begom ...200515965607
molecular characterization of tomato-infecting begomoviruses in yunnan, china.the importance of diseases of tomato caused by begomoviruses is increasing worldwide. here, we report that several begomoviruses are associated with tomato leaf curl disease in yunnan province, china. 14 tomato samples showing leaf curl symptoms were collected in three districts in yunnan, and they fell into four groups according to their reaction with a panel of 16 monoclonal antibodies in tas-elisa. comparison of partial dna-a sequences amplified with degenerate primers confirmed the existence ...200415593415
molecular characterization of squash leaf curl yunnan virus, a new begomovirus and evidence for recombination.virus isolate y23v, obtained from squash showing leaf curl symptoms in yunnan, china, was readily differentiated from four studied chinese begomovirus isolates in reactions with a set of monoclonal antibodies raised against begomoviruses. the complete nucleotide sequence (2714 nts) of the dna-a-like molecule of y23v was determined. the dna-a of y23v is most closely related to that of tomato yellow leaf curl thailand virus-[1] (tylcthv-[1]) (84% sequence identity). however, the ac1 and ac4 gene o ...200314551824
molecular characterization of a distinct begomovirus infecting tobacco in yunnan, china.virus isolate y3v, obtained from tobacco showing leaf curl symptoms in yunnan, china, had particles with the size and morphology typical of geminiviruses. in reactions with a set of monoclonal antibodies raised against begomoviruses, y3v was readily differentiated from two previously studied chinese begomovirus isolates. the complete nucleotide sequence of a dna-a-like molecule of y3v was determined; it comprises 2744 nucleotides and has a typical begomovirus genome organization. when compared w ...200111676420
a recombinant begomovirus resulting from exchange of the c4 gene.a begomovirus isolated from malvastrum coromandelianum and tomato originating from yunnan province (china) was shown to be representative of a new begomovirus species, for which the name tomato leaf curl yunnan virus (tlcynv) is proposed. tlcynv has high levels of sequence identity to tomato yellow leaf curl china virus (tylccnv) across the whole genome, except for sequences encompassing the c4 gene. agrobacterium-mediated inoculation showed tlcynv to be highly infectious to a range of plant spe ...201323720217
molecular epidemiology of pseudorabies virus in yunnan and the sequence analysis of its gd gene.outbreaks of pseudorabies (prs) have occurred in yunnan, china, which caused significant economic loss. to determine the prevalence and origin of pr in yunnan, especially among vaccinated pigs, overall 791 samples of blood, tissue, semen, and sera were analyzed by serological methods, pcr, and sequence analysis of gd gene. detection with viral gi antibody or pcr showed that the yearly positive rates of pr virus (prv) in yunnan from 2010 to 2014 were 48.15, 21.26, 2.17, 5.22, and 0.35%, respectiv ...201728130636
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