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antimicrobial resistance and virulence-related genes of streptococcus obtained from dairy cows with mastitis in inner mongolia, china.mastitis is the most expensive disease in the dairy cattle industry and results in decreased reproductive performance. streptococcus, especially streptococcus agalactiae, possesses a variety of virulence factors that contribute to pathogenicity.201625856704
prevalence of bovine mastitis pathogens in bulk tank milk in china.the objectives of this study were to estimate the herd prevalence of major mastitis pathogens in bulk tank milk (btm) in china dairy herds, to determine the relationship between the presence of mastitis pathogens and bulk tank milk somatic cell counts (btscc), and to investigate the impact of different dairy cattle farming modes and region on bacterial species. btm samples collected from 894 dairy herds in china were examined for the presence of mastitis pathogens. the flinders technology associ ...201627187065
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