isolation and complete nucleotide sequence of a chinese sindbis-like virus.infection with alphaviruses is common in the chinese population. here we report the isolation of a sindbis-like virus from a pool of anopheles mosquitoes collected in xinjiang, china during an arbovirus survey. this virus, designated xj-160, rapidly produced cytopathic effects on mosquito and hamster cells. in addition, it was lethal to neonatal mice if inoculated intracerebrally. serologically, xj-160 reacted with and was neutralized by an anti-sindbis antibody. anti-xj-160 antibodies were foun ...200010769078
Research on basis of reverse genetics system of a Sindbis-like virus XJ-160.ABSTRACT: As a Sindbis-like virus (SINLV), XJ-160 virus was isolated from a pooled sample of Anopheles mosquitoes collected in Xinjiang, China, in 1990. Recombinant plasmid pBR-XJ160 is an infectious full-length cDNA clone of XJ-160 virus, from which rescued virus BR-XJ160 can be obtained by transcription in vitro and transfection. The BR-XJ160 virus raised in BHK-21 cells was indistinguishable from the XJ-160 virus in its biological properties, including its plaque morphology, growth kinetics a ...201122082202
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