a new genotype of cryptosporidium from giant panda (ailuropoda melanoleuca) in china.fifty-seven fecal samples were collected from giant pandas (ailuropoda melanoleuca) in the china conservation and research centre for the giant panda (ccrcgp) in sichuan and examined for cryptosporidium oocysts by sheather's sugar flotation technique. an 18-year-old male giant panda was cryptosporidium positive, with oocysts of an average size of 4.60×3.99 μm (n=50). the isolate was genetically analyzed using the partial 18s rrna, 70 kda heat shock protein (hsp70), cryptosporidium oocyst wall pr ...201323810821
common occurrence of cryptosporidium hominis in horses and donkeys.extensive genetic variation is observed within the genus cryptosporidium and the distribution of cryptosporidium species/genotypes in humans and animals appears to vary by geography and host species. to better understand the genetic diversity of cryptosporidium spp. in horses and donkeys, we characterized five horse-derived and 82 donkey-derived cryptosporidium isolates from five provinces or autonomous regions (sichuan, gansu, henan, inner mongolia and shandong) in china at the species/genotype ...201627264727
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