serological investigation of vector-borne disease in dogs from rural areas of evaluate the anaplasma phagocytophilum (a. phagocytophilum), ehrlichia canis (e. canis), dirofilaria immitis (d. immitis) (canine heartworm), borrelia burgdorferi (b. burgdorferi) infections in countryside dogs from yunnan, hainan and anhui provinces.201223569877
borrelia sinica sp. nov., a lyme disease-related borrelia species isolated in china.a survey was performed for lyme disease borrelia in the southern part of china, in zhejiang, sichuan and anhui provinces, along the yangtze river valley, in may of 1997 and 1998. twenty isolates from ixodes granulatus, ixodes ovatus, apodemus agrarius and niviventer confucianus were obtained. these isolates were characterized by rflp of the 5s-23s rdna intergenic spacer, sequence analysis of the intergenic spacer, 16s rdna and flagellin gene, dna-dna hybridization analysis, sds-page and western ...200111594614
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