source tracking of an anthrax outbreak in northeastern china using complete genome analysis and mlva genotyping.anthrax is caused by bacillus anthracis, an etiological agent behind zoonotic diseases worldwide. b. anthracis is also one of the most dangerous bioterrorism agents. an anthrax outbreak took place in liaoning province in northeastern china in august 2012. it resulted in seven human infections and dozens of dead cows. one b. anthracis strain, named han, was isolated from a dead cow. this strain showed minor pathogenicity in mice and was suspected to be derived from the locally administered vaccin ...201525073769
phylogenetic characteristics of anthrax outbreaks in liaoning province, china, 2001-2015.anthrax is a continuous threat in china, especially in rural regions. in july 2015, an anthrax outbreak occurred in xifeng county, liaoning province. a total of 10 cutaneous anthrax cases were reported, with 210 people under medical observation. in this study, the general characteristics of human anthrax outbreak occurred in liaoning province were described, and all cases were caused by butchering and contacting sick animal. meanwhile, the phylogenetic relationship between outbreak-related isola ...201627299730
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