detection and identification of the invasive sirex noctilio (hymenoptera: siricidae) fungal symbiont, amylostereum areolatum (russulales: amylostereacea), in china and the stimulating effect of insect venom on laccase production by a. areolatum yql03.the eurasian woodwasp sirex noctilio f. was first detected in daqing, heilongjiang province, in the northeast region of china in 2013. here, we investigated the s. noctilio's fungal symbiont, amylostereum areolatum, and insect venom produced in its acid (venom) gland. overall, seven out of 10 fungal isolates obtained from the mycangia of 10 adult s. noctilio females in this study were identified as a. areolatum. the remaining three isolates were identified as trichoderma viride, verticillium dah ...201526470239
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