new introduction and spread of rabies among dog population in bangui.rabies is endemic in the central african republic (car) and a neglected enzootic disease which represents a serious public health problem. before april 2009, rabies was not a notifiable disease in car. vaccination of animals is expensive and not commonly done. in 2005, none rabies case was recorded in bangui. to understand how rabies was introduced and propagated in the city of bangui from 2006 to 2008, we analyzed samplings of dog brain as well as reviewed the records of dog owners. a total of ...201222569561
revealing the micro-scale signature of endemic zoonotic disease transmission in an african urban setting.the development of novel approaches that combine epidemiological and genomic data provides new opportunities to reveal the spatiotemporal dynamics of infectious diseases and determine the processes responsible for their spread and maintenance. taking advantage of detailed epidemiological time series and viral sequence data from more than 20 years reported by the national reference centre for rabies of bangui, the capital city of central african republic, we used a combination of mathematical mod ...201627058957
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