california encephalitis virus activity in mosquitoes and horses in southern ontario, 1975.a study was undertaken in 1975 to determine california encephalitis virus activity in southern ontario. three thousand and sixty-one mosquitoes, primarily aedes species, were divided into 104 pools and inoculated into suckling mice. isolates of snowshoe hare virus were obtained from one pool each of aedes fitchii and a. triseriatus mosquitoes collected in the guelph area. serological testing of horse sera revealed extensive virus activity in southern ontario and indicated that horses may serve a ...197834475
arbovirus infections in several ontario mammals, 1975-1980.serological studies for arboviruses were conducted on 725 animal sera collected in 22 ontario townships between 1975 and 1980 including 44 coyote (canis latrans), 277 red fox (vulpes vulpes), 192 raccoon (procyon lotor) and 212 striped skunk (mephitis mephitis). hemagglutination inhibition antibodies to two flaviviruses, namely st. louis encephalitis and powassan were found in 50% of coyote, 47% of skunk, 26% of fox and 10% of raccoon sera. similarly, hemagglutination inhibition antibodies to a ...19863017527
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