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salmonella typhimurium definitive type 104 isolates in british columbia, 1997-1998. 199910466255
reactive arthritis and other sequelae following sporadic salmonella typhimurium infection in british columbia, canada: a case control describe sequelae occurring in the 3 months after sporadic salmonella typhimurium (st) infection in british columbia (bc), canada.200212375326
antibiotic resistance and diversity of salmonella enterica serovars associated with broiler chickens.the objective of this study was to analyze the antibiotic resistance phenotype and genotype of salmonella isolated from broiler production facilities. a total of 193 salmonella isolates recovered from commercial farms in british columbia, canada, were evaluated. susceptibility to antibiotics was determined with the sensititre system. virulence and antibiotic resistance genes were detected by pcr assay. genetic diversity was determined by pulse-field gel electrophoresis (pfge) typing. seventeen s ...201424405997
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