salmonella spp. shedding by alberta beef cattle and the detection of salmonella spp. in ground beef.breeder cows, cattle recently arrived at feedlots, and cattle about to be shipped for slaughter were tested for salmonella spp. no salmonella spp. were detected in fecal samples from breeding cows. nineteen of 1,000 (1.9%) fecal samples from recently arrived feedlot cattle were positive for salmonella spp. compared to only 2 of 1,000 (0.2%) fecal samples taken within 2 weeks of slaughter. the positive fecal samples were collected in 5 of 50 (10%) "recent arrival" pens tested and in 1 of 50 (2%) ...200211899047
restaurant foodhandler-associated outbreak of salmonella heidelberg gastroenteritis identified by calls to a local telehealth service, edmonton, alberta, 2004. 200515895505
evaluation of antimicrobial resistance profiles of salmonella isolates from broiler chickens at slaughter in alberta, canada.antimicrobial-resistant salmonella species are threatening to become a serious public health problem. therefore, surveillance and prudent use of antimicrobials is needed in both the agricultural and human health sectors. the aim of this study was to describe the antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of salmonella isolates recovered from healthy broiler chickens at slaughter from november 2004 to april 2005. salmonella isolates recovered from 36 broiler flocks in alberta, canada, were serotyped a ...201424674442
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