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evaluation of associations between feed withdrawal and other management factors with salmonella contamination of broiler chickens at slaughter in alberta.salmonellosis is one of the most common bacterial foodborne diseases of public health concern in industrialized countries. poultry products are considered an important source of salmonella-related foodborne disease in humans. this study was undertaken to evaluate the relationship between various management factors including feed withdrawal and transportation time with salmonella contamination in crops, ceca, and carcasses of broiler chickens at slaughter in alberta. using a two-stage sampling pr ...200919833047
phenotypic and genetic characterization of antimicrobial resistance in salmonella serovars isolated from retail meats in alberta, canada.this study determined the prevalence of salmonella serovars, antimicrobial resistance (amr) and resistance genes in salmonella isolated from retail meats purchased in alberta, canada. samples were collected during one year period (may 2007-april 2008) on weekly basis from 19 census divisions in alberta. a total of 564 samples including chicken (n = 206), turkey (n = 91), beef (n = 134) and pork (n = 133) were purchased. salmonella were recovered from chicken (40%), turkey (27%) and pork (2%) sam ...201222850381
evaluation of antimicrobial resistance profiles of salmonella isolates from broiler chickens at slaughter in alberta, canada.antimicrobial-resistant salmonella species are threatening to become a serious public health problem. therefore, surveillance and prudent use of antimicrobials is needed in both the agricultural and human health sectors. the aim of this study was to describe the antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of salmonella isolates recovered from healthy broiler chickens at slaughter from november 2004 to april 2005. salmonella isolates recovered from 36 broiler flocks in alberta, canada, were serotyped a ...201424674442
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