prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of salmonella isolated from two pork processing plants in alberta, canada.this study investigated the frequency of salmonella serovars on pig carcasses at various processing steps in two commercial pork processing plants in alberta, canada and characterized phenotypic and genotypic antimicrobial resistance (amr) and pfge patterns of the salmonella isolates. over a one year period, 1000 swab samples were collected from randomly selected pigs at two slaughter plants. sampling points were: carcass swabs after bleeding (csab), carcass swabs after de-hairing (csad, plant a ...201727750110
antimicrobial resistance of salmonella isolated from finishing swine and the environment of 60 alberta swine farms.the study objective was to describe and evaluate antimicrobial resistance profiles in salmonella isolated from alberta swine finishing farms. salmonella isolates (n = 322) were obtained from 192 fecal and 84 environmental samples of the 60 salmonella-positive swine finishing farms. isolates were classified susceptible, intermediate or resistant based on nccls guidelines. more than half of the isolates (53.4%) were susceptible to all of the 18 antimicrobials in the testing panel. no resistance wa ...200415564027
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