comparative detection and quantification of arcobacter butzleri in stools from diarrheic and nondiarrheic people in southwestern alberta, canada.arcobacter butzleri has been linked to enteric disease in humans, but its pathogenicity and epidemiology remain poorly understood. the lack of suitable detection methods is a major limitation. using comparative genome analysis, we developed pcr primers for direct detection and quantification ofa. butzleri dna in microbiologically complex matrices. these primers, along with existing molecular and culture-based methods, were used to detecta. butzleri and enteric pathogens in stools of diarrheic an ...201626865686
prevalence and diversity of waterborne arcobacter butzleri in southwestern alberta, canada.arcobacter butzleri is a potential enteric pathogen to human beings, but its reservoirs and modes of transmission are largely unverified. microbiological and molecular detection and subtyping techniques can facilitate surveillance of a. butzleri in hosts and environmental reservoirs. we isolated a. butzleri from 173 surface water samples (25.6%) and 81 treated wastewater samples (77.9%) collected in southwestern alberta over a 1-year period. arcobacter butzleri isolates (n = 500) were genotyped ...201728177789
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