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status of intestinal parasite infections among children in bat dambang, cambodia.a survey was conducted to determine the extent of intestinal parasite infection in bat dambang, cambodia in march 2004. a total of 623 fecal specimens was collected from kindergarten and schoolchildren and examined using the formalin-ether sedimentation technique. the overall infection rate of intestinal parasites was 25.7% (boys, 26.2%; girls, 25.1%), and the infection rates of intestinal helminthes by species were as follows: echinostoma sp. 4.8%, hookworm 3.4%, hymenolepis nana 1.3%, and rhab ...200415591838
prevalence and risk factors for intestinal parasitic infection in schoolchildren in battambang, cambodia.most intestinal parasitic infections (ipis), commonly endemic in tropical resource-poor developing countries, are neglected tropical diseases. parasitic infections and malnutrition are most commonly found in children. we determined the prevalence of ipis and the risk factors in battambang province, northwestern cambodia, from august to september 2015. this study collected 308 valid questionnaires and specimens from dontri (173, 56.2%) and kon kaêk (135, 43.8%) primary schools. all stool samples ...201728070012
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