efficacy of indigenous entomopathogenic nematodes (rhabditida: heterorhabditidae, steinernematidae), from rio grande do sul brazil, against anastrephafraterculus (wied.) (diptera: tephritidae) in peach orchards.laboratory, greenhouse, and field experiments were performed with the objective of selecting efficient indigenous strains of entomopathogenic nematodes (epns) from rio grande do sul (rs) state, brazil, for controlling the south american fruit fly, anastrepha fraterculus (wied.). laboratory experiments were conducted in 24 well-plates filled with sterile sand and one insect per well. in greenhouse experiments, plastic trays filled with soil collected from the field were used, while in field exper ...200919460384
evaluation of efficacy of 18 strains of entomopathogenic nematodes (rhabditida) against planococcus citri (risso, 1813) (hemiptera: pseudococcidae) under laboratory conditions.planococcus citri (risso, 1813) (hemiptera: pseudococcidae) is an important plant virus vector in grapevine crops in brazil and other countries. the mealybug grows in roots and leaves of the grapes. entomopathogenic nematodes (epns) are efficient control agents against insects associated to the soil and could be applied with the same equipment used for chemical insecticides. the aim of this study was to select effective epns for controlling p. citri females in laboratory conditions (25±1°c, ur 6 ...201323458234
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