seasonal pattern in parasite infracommunities of hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus and hoplias malabaricus (actinopterygii: erythrinidae) from the brazilian amazon.the present study investigated the effects of seasonal variation in parasites infracommunities of hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus and hoplias malabaricus from a tributary of amazon river. for h. unitaeniatus and h. malabaricus, 11 parasite species were similar, and greatest parasite richness occurred during the rainy season. ichthyophthirius multifiliis was the dominant parasite species for both hosts. in h. unitaeniatus, infection by whittingtonocotyle caetei, whittingtonocotyle jeju, urocleidoides ...201626751882
structure of the parasites communities in two erythrinidae fish from amazon river system (brazil).this study compared the parasite communities of hoplias malabaricus and hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus from amazon river system. hoplias malabaricus were infected by ichthyophthirius multifiliis, piscinoodinium pillulare, tetrahymena sp., urocleidoides eremitus, braga patagonica, metacercariae of clinostomum marginatum, procamallanus (spirocamallanus) inopinatus, larvae of contracaecum sp. and larvae of nomimoscolex matogrossensis. hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus were also infected by these same specie ...201526083690
parasitological assessment in the hybrid surubim (pseudoplatystoma reticulatum x p. corruscans), with uncommon occurrence of monogenea parasites.this study evaluated the parasite fauna of farmed hybrid surubim (pseudoplatystoma reticulatum x p. corruscans) and the host-parasite-environment relationship in two fish farms located in mato grosso do sul, central brazil, south america. a total of 120 hybrids from two different farms, 60 in each season (30 in the hot and 30 in cold season) were examined during a year. water quality was weekly measured to evaluate the interaction among environmental conditions and parasitism. histopathology was ...201627334818
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