clonal spread and accumulation of β-lactam resistance determinants in enterobacter aerogenes and enterobacter cloacae complex isolates from infection and colonization in patients at a public hospital in recife, pernambuco, brazil.enterobacter aerogenes and enterobacter cloacae complex are the two species of this genus most involved in healthcare-associated infections that are esbl and carbapenemase producers. this study characterized, phenotypically and genotypically, 51 isolates of e. aerogenes and e. cloacae complex originating from infection or colonization in patients admitted to a public hospital in recife, pernambuco, brazil, by antimicrobial susceptibility profile, analysis of β-lactamase genes (blatem, blashv, bl ...201727902398
characterization of the bacterial microbiota of biomphalaria glabrata (say, 1818) (mollusca: gastropoda) from brazil.roughly 200 000 000 people in 74 countries infected with schistosomes all share the fact that they came in contact freshwater harbouring infected snails. the aim of the study is to characterize the microbiota of wild and laboratory-reared snails of biomphalaria glabrata from pernambuco, brazil. the microbiota of these molluscs was identified biochemically by the vitek 2 automated microbiological system. antimicrobial susceptibility testing was carried out by the disc diffusion method with ß-lact ...201323488866
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