genetic and epidemiological characterization of middle point orbivirus, a novel virus isolated from sentinel cattle in northern australia.middle point orbivirus (mpov) was isolated in 1998 from a healthy cow pastured at beatrice hill farm, middle point (formerly coastal plains research station), 50 km east of darwin in australia's northern territory. the isolate could not be identified by using conventional serological tests, and electron microscopy indicated that it belongs to the family reoviridae, genus orbivirus. genetic sequencing of segments 2 and 3 revealed that this virus is related to yunnan orbivirus, an orbivirus known ...200718024911
peruvian horse sickness virus and yunnan orbivirus, isolated from vertebrates and mosquitoes in peru and australia.during 1997, two new viruses were isolated from outbreaks of disease that occurred in horses, donkeys, cattle and sheep in peru. genome characterization showed that the virus isolated from horses (with neurological disorders, 78% fatality) belongs to a new species the peruvian horse sickness virus (phsv), within the genus orbivirus, family reoviridae. this represents the first isolation of phsv, which was subsequently also isolated during 1999, from diseased horses in the northern territory of a ...200919766284
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