parapolystoma johnstoni n. sp. from litoria nyakalensis (amphibia) in australia and taxonomic considerations on the diplorchiinae (monogenea).parapolystoma johnstoni n. sp. is described from litoria nyakalensis from northern queensland. parapolystoma bulliense is recorded from a new host, litoria pearsoniana. the pattern of the ciliated cell on the oncomiracidium of p. bulliense is described. the subfamily diagnosis of the diplorchiinae is amended to include the species of diplorchis, neodiplorchis, parapolystoma, and pseudodiplorchis.19957707205
helminth infracommunities in litoria genimaculata (amphibia:anura) from birthday creek, an upland rainforest stream in northern queensland, australia.the helminth fauna of litoria genimaculata, a rainforest frog from northern queensland, was quantified from 53 adult male frogs collected at monthly intervals between april 1990 and march 1991. the helminth fauna of this species was depauperate (6 species: mesocoelium sp., parapolystoma bulliense, austraplectana sp., onchocercidae gen. sp., cosmocerca sp. and an unidentified nematode larva). the most commonly encountered species was p. bulliense, but the intestinal infracommunity was dominated b ...19969024888
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