unexpected occurrence of haemonchus placei in cattle in southern western australia.haemonchus placei is an abomasal parasite of cattle, primarily in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. in australia, this nematode can be extremely pathogenic in summer rainfall areas, particularly in the hot, sub-tropical kimberley region, in the far north of the state of western australia (wa). although cattle are occasionally transferred to southern parts of wa, it was believed that h. placei did not occur in southern regions of wa, as it is less cold-adapted than haemonchus contortus ...201424189197
anthelmintic resistance in nematodes of beef cattle in south-west western australia.anthelminthic resistance in nematodes of beef cattle is an emerging issue globally with implications for effective parasite control. the prevalence of resistance in beef cattle in the mediterranean-style climatic zone of south-west western australia was assessed on 19 farms, using faecal egg count reduction tests. pre-treatment faecal worm egg counts were compared with counts at 14 days after treatments with ivermectin (injectable), fenbendazole (oral), or levamisole (oral). a separately grazed ...201525541483
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