epidemiology and molecular detection of equine herpesviruses in western algeria in episode of acute equine respiratory infection was reported in western algeria (tiaret province) between february and march 2011, affecting a large population of horses. nasal swabs (n=100) were taken from horses aged between 1 and 27 years, presenting with cough and mucopurulent nasal discharge. the prevalence of equine respiratory virus infections was examined using quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qpcr). one, or more, of four equine respiratory viruses were detected in the nasal swab ...201728757025
prevalence of equine viral arteritis in order to determine the prevalence of equine viral arteritis in algeria, 268 sera from non-vaccinated horses were collected from the western and eastern regions. serological analysis of the sera, which were collected from 2009 to 2011, was performed using the virus neutralisation test, as described by the world organisation for animal health. overall, 20 sera (7.46%) were seropositive, 152 (56.71%) were negative and 96 sera (35.82%) were cytotoxic. equine arteritis virus (eav) seroprevalence w ...201425812220
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