[catheterization and fungal infection risk in the university hospital of tlemcen: epidemiology and susceptibility to antifungals].fungal infections are a major cause of morbidity and mortality, and are frequently associated with the implantation of vascular catheters, especially in immune-compromised patients. unfortunately, the therapeutic arsenal available for the treatment of these infections, caused generally by the yeasts of the genus candida is still limited because of the toxicity and/or of the emergence of resistance against some antifungal agents. that is why we have undertaken this study, which is to determine th ...201425442921
[evaluation of mixed biofilm formation between candida albicans and a variety of bacterial species isolated from peripheral catheters at tlemcen chu. first study in algeria].mixed-species biofilms constitute a reservoir of infection for a group of bacteria and yeasts that coexist on the same support. peripheral venous catheters make up a good surface for the attachment of microorganisms that promote biofilm formation and this requires complex strategies for antimicrobial treatments.201525957712
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