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undifferentiated febrile illnesses amongst british troops in helmand, afghanistan.undifferentiated febrile illnesses have been a threat to british expeditionary forces ever since the crusades. the infections responsible were identified during the colonial era, both world wars and smaller conflicts since, but nearly all remain a significant threat today. undiagnosed febrile illnesses have occurred amongst british troops in helmand, afghanistan since 2006 and so a fever study was performed to identify them.201121805764
seroconversion for infectious pathogens among uk military personnel deployed to afghanistan, 2008-2011.military personnel are at high risk of contracting vector-borne and zoonotic infections, particularly during overseas deployments, when they may be exposed to endemic or emerging infections not prevalent in their native countries. we conducted seroprevalence testing of 467 uk military personnel deployed to helmand province, afghanistan, during 2008-2011 and found that up to 3.1% showed seroconversion for infection with rickettsia spp., coxiella burnetii, sandfly fever virus, or hantavirus; none ...025418685
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