bacterial and viral causes of acute diarrhoea in children in kuwait.bacterial and viral causes of acute diarrhoea were studied prospectively for one year in 343 hospitalised young children in kuwait. in 288 (84%) patients, one or more pathogens were identified compared with 12 of 86 (13.9%) children admitted with diseases other than diarrhoea (p less than 0.01). forty-four (12.9%) of the patients were infected with two or more pathogens. viral agents detected in the stools were rotaviruses (40.2%), enteric adenoviruses (1.7%), and enteroviruses (1.5%). enterobac ...19892632640
gastroenteritis in a regional hospital in kuwait: some aspects of the disease.a review of the clinical course of gastroenteritis in 274 hospitalized children revealed a severe form of the disease. eight-eight per cent were aged 12 months or under and 20% had severe associated malnutrition. the commonest clinical manifestations were diarrhoea (100%), dehydration (98.9%), vomiting (81.4%) and fever (77.7%). pathogens were isolated from 75.2% of cases (rotavirus 24.5%, escherichia coli 20.8%, salmonellae 20%, shigellae 6.2%, campylobacter 2.2% and yersinia enterocolitica in ...19826191627
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