plasmid-linked drug resistance in salmonella typhimurium in kuwait.a total of 143 strains of s. typhimurium isolated from clinical cases in kuwait were investigated for drug resistance. multidrug resistance (3 or more drugs) was seen in 76.9% of the strains. the common resistance patterns were asut (16), aksut (20), assut (14), ckssut (14), ackssut (10), acgkssut (15) and ackgssuttm (8). mic of resistant strains was usually high. sixteen isolates were examined for the transferability of the resistance. all had r-plasmids, both autotransferable and non-autotrans ...19826756302
plasmid-mediated high-level ceftriaxone resistance in a salmonella enterica serotype typhimurium present the first documented case of acute infectious gastroenteritis caused by high-level ceftriaxone-resistant salmonella enterica serotype typhimurium in kuwait.200616484843
drug resistance among salmonellae in kuwait.the status of drug resistance among salmonella spp. prevalent in kuwait during 1979-1980 has been assessed. antibiotic sensitivity of 345 clinical isolates against 14 antimicrobial agents was done by disc-diffusion technique and their mic was determined by plate dilution. only 9.6% of these isolates were sensitive to all the 14 drugs. there was resistance to sulfisoxazole (78%), tetracycline (69%), kanamycin (61%), ampicillin (56%), streptomycin (53%), chloramphenicol (38%) and mezlocillin (38%) ...19836612772
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