candida albicans strain differentiation in cancer patients undergoing therapy. 19853900723
an analysis of hospital-acquired bacteraemia in intensive care unit patients in a university hospital in analysis of hospital-acquired bacteraemia among icu patients was carried out over a two-year period in order to determine the incidence, associated mortality rate and susceptibility pattern of causative pathogens. there was a high incidence of bacteraemia, occurring in 127 (18.4%) of 692 patients. mortality attributable to nosocomial bacteraemia was 52% of the total 79 deaths from all causes. the highest mortality rate (58.5%) occurred in patients with fungal infections, whilst death from gra ...199910462639
species distribution and antifungal susceptibility of candida bloodstream isolates in kuwait: a 10-year study.bloodstream infections due to candida species are important complications in severely ill hospitalized patients. this study presents data on species distribution and antifungal susceptibility profiles of candida bloodstream isolates obtained from kuwait during a 10-year period. all the bloodstream isolates were identified to species level by the germ tube test and carbohydrate assimilation profile using the vitek 2 yeast identification system. using e-test strips for amphotericin b, fluconazole, ...200717244809
in vitro impact of limited exposure to subtherapeutic concentrations of chlorhexidine gluconate on the adhesion-associated attributes of oral candida species.candida albicans and its non-albicans counterparts, such as c. tropicalis, c. krusei, c. glabrata and c. dubliniensis, are the major etiological agents of oral candidosis. their adherence to buccal epithelial cells (bec), denture acrylic surfaces (das) and cell surface hydrophobicity (csh) are attributes associated with yeast colonization and infection. chlorhexidine gluconate (cg) is a widely used antiseptic in dentistry. when administered, the diluent effect of saliva and the cleansing effect ...201727104874
species spectrum and antifungal susceptibility profile of vaginal isolates of candida in kuwait.the study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of vulvovaginal candidiasis (vvc) among patients with vaginitis, frequency of different candida species, and their susceptibility profile.201525534676
population structure and molecular genetic characterization of 5-flucytosine-susceptible and -resistant clinical candida dubliniensis isolates from kuwait.candida dubliniensis and candida albicans are two closely related species. although c. dubliniensis is less pathogenic, it has a higher propensity to develop resistance to fluconazole and some strains exhibit intrinsic resistance to 5-flucytosine (5-fc). all 5-fc-resistant isolates from kuwait were previously shown to belong to one of seven internal transcribed spacer (its) region of rdna-based haplotypes. this study performed fingerprinting of c. dubliniensis isolates by multilocus sequence typ ...201728380072
prevalence of candida dubliniensis among cancer patients in kuwait: a 5-year retrospective study.summary despite close genetic and phenotypic relationship of candida dubliniensis with candida albicans, its role in human disease is mostly restricted to oral colonisation, particularly among hiv-infected patients. the prevalence of c. dubliniensis in association with other disease conditions has been infrequently reported. in this study, we present data on the prevalence of c. dubliniensis among yeast species isolated from cancer patients over a 5-year period. a total of 1445 yeast isolates re ...200920002881
neonatal candidaemia in kuwait: a 12-year study of risk factors, species spectrum and antifungal susceptibility.a study of candidaemia in neonatal intensive care unit (nicu) over a 12-year period (1995-2006) taking into consideration demographic variables, risk factors, aetiological candida species and therapeutic outcomes is presented. the yeast isolates were identified by vitek2 yeast identification system and antifungal susceptibility was determined by e-test. of 4815 neonates admitted in nicu, 182 cases of candidaemia were detected with an overall prevalence of 4.0% and crude mortality of 27.7%. the a ...200918983425
candida albicans strain carriage in patients and nursing staff of an intensive care unit: a study of morphotypes and resistotypes.candida albicans carriage of patients and nursing staff of an intensive care unit (icu) was studied over an 8-month period. swabs were taken at weekly intervals from multiple sites from patients. none of the patients had clinical candida infection at the time of the first sampling. the hands and mouth of the nursing staff were sampled at fortnightly intervals. of the 68 patients investigated for varying periods, 37 (54%) yielded c. albicans from one or more body sites, resulting in the isolation ...200314641621
a six year experience with recurrent infection and immunodeficiency in children in kuwait.sixty-five arab children in kuwait with recurrent infections were subjected to laboratory investigations to determine their immune function. twenty (31%) of these children were found to have a primary immunodeficiency syndrome, 36 patients (55%) had laboratory abnormalities but could not be classified, three patients (5%) had other well defined diseases responsible for their laboratory defect, and six patients (9%) had normal laboratory values. the most common infection site was the upper respir ...19883193447
isolation and molecular identification of candida dubliniensis from non-human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients in kuwait.candida dubliniensis is an emerging pathogen capable of causing oropharyngeal, vaginal and bloodstream infections. although c. dubliniensis is similar to candida albicans in several phenotypic characteristics, it differs from it with respect to epidemiology, certain virulence factors and the ability to develop resistance to fluconazole rapidly. in this study, the first seven isolations of c. dubliniensis from kuwait are described, all originating from non-human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)-infec ...200415184534
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